Mayo  KOIDE                                                                  日本語

Born in 1983, Osaka, Japan
Lives and works in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan


2009  Master of Fine Arts, (Printmaking) Kyoto Seika University,Kyoto,Japan

2007     Bachelor of Arts, (Printmaking) Kyoto Seika University,Kyoto,Japan

Solo Exhibitions 

2018     "Return to the ground/Off the ground"Galley PARC,Kyoto,Japan

2017     "What came into being"A-lab,Hyogo,Japan

​2014     "Above the sky,Under the water,The first 7 colours"  the three konohana,Osaka,Japan

2013     "breathe in,breathe out,pervade"  LABORATORY,Kyoto,Japan

2010     "nu show "  AD&A gallery,Osaka,Japan

2009     "Lunch Time, Show Time" shin-bi,Kyoto,Japan

        "mockmentary garden" ban gallery,Osaka,Japan

           "Lights,Camera,Action" AD&A gallery,Osaka,Japan

2005     "Collect" gallery haneusagi,Kyoto,Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2018     "Calling,Attitude,and Tuning:KOIDE Mayo-KOSHINO Jun",Kyoto Art Center,Japan

2017     "empty park"Gallery PARC,Kyoto,Japan

2016     "Chain and blink"Kyoto Seika University Galley Fleur,Japan

              "PAT-Print Art Triennale in Kyoto"Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art,Japan

2015     "time in town" A-lab,Hyogo,Japan

              "The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial2015- Karekimata Project" Niigata,Japan

              "SUUJIN MAINTENANCE CLUB(still moving)"  Suujin-primary school,Kyoto,Japan

2014     "KASETSU" Kyoto Seika University T-101,Kyoto,Japan

2012     "1floor2012 [TTYTT,-to tell you the truth,-]YU KANAI+MAYO KOIDE"  Kobe Art Village Center,Hyogo,Japan

2011     "The other side of the mirror MayoKoide+Manami Okayama" Division,Kyoto,Japan

2009     "Re:print " Muromachi artcourt gallery,Kyoto,Japan

2007     "Tenkaisurujikan"Shin-bi,Kyoto,Japan

        "Methodology version"CASO,Osaka,Japan

        "ART CAMP 2007"Gallery yamaguchi kunst-bau,Osaka,Japan

        "ART UNIV." Rissei primary school, Kyoto,Japan

2006     "ART CAMP 2006" Gallery yamaguchi kunst-bau, Osaka,Japan



2016     "Silk Screen for someone (Art Study Program-bihaku room)"Ashiya City Museum of Art and History,Hyogo,Japan

2014     "Time in Printing(UMAKINOTERAKOYA-Relational Tourism) UMAKI CAMP,Shodo Island,Kagawa,Japan


Artist in residence

2018     "END OF SUMMER"Portland,USA

2013     "artFUNKL residency Aspirus 04"artFUNKL,manchester,UK


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